Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally got a Barkoff

I just bought BarkOff for my dog. Its working really well so far, well see how it goes.

Get one here if you guys are interested: BarkOff Offer

Here's the infomercial for more info: BarkOff Infomercial

Tell me how it goes!

Best Wishes

HAHAHA! Hilarious dog video

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do Dangerous Dog Laws Work?

Hey guys. I came across this article yesterday and thought it was interesting. All credits to Colleen Pelar from "Pet Peoples Place" for the article:

Every year, nearly 4.6 million Americans are bitten by a dog. Children receive about 60% of these bites. There is something primal and frightening about being attacked by an animal. In fact, most people are far more afraid of dog bites than car accidents, yet your chances of being injured or killed in a car are far, far greater than your risk from dogs.

 Nonetheless, 4.6 million bites is too many.I truly believe that most dog bites are preventable with proper community education. And yet, the measures we are taking as a society are focusing on the wrong aspects of the problem. Whenever a well-publicized bite occurs, there's an outcry from the community asking what can be done to prevent such incidents in the future. At this point, the legislature steps in to enact or strengthen dangerous dog laws. These laws are great for politicians. Who could be in favor of dangerous dogs? These laws provide more extensive penalties for the owners of dogs who attack, threaten, or frighten members of the community.

But there are some significant problems with dangerous dog laws:

1. They do not reduce the number of dog bites. By focusing on the after-effects of a bite, these laws do not take any measures to prevent bites.In theory, the risk of punishment is a motivation to change behavior. But most dog owners do not believe their dogs to be dangerous. So the perception is that these laws are for other dogs, problem dogs, but not their dog. Then, when a bite occurs, that particular owner may face additional liability, but his friends and neighbors will not change their habits regarding their own dogs.
2. The laws do not take into account the severity of the incident. Most dangerous dog laws cover a huge range of behavior from "threatening displays" to actual bites.What this means is that you may be as liable for your goofy social dog rushing out the door and charging gleefully at a neighbor as another owner is for an undersocialized, aggressive dog who bites a child on the face. Are these equal? Under many dangerous ................ CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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